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Using the manual

Go to Using the manual for information on how the manual is setup and what is in it.


What happens if I find a mistake in the manual?

As always, any questions you have about work practices or particular procedures should be directed to your line manager. You can also discuss concerns or ask questions as part of your professional supervision.

If you are having technical difficulties with this manual or find a mistake or a procedure has changed please contact Nicholas Antoine via email: (External link)


Printing web pages out

Whilst we encourage you to become familiar with the manual and to use it frequently to get quick grabs of information, if you need to print then the whole page will print out. At the bottom is a note alerting you to always check with the online manual for updated information.

Accessibility and document download help

If you need information about Accessibility or how to download documents, please see our Accessibility Tips, or Help for Downloadable Files section.

If you can't open the manual - what to do

The manual is on departmental servers. From time to time there is an outage - a planned outage (Cenitex usually let know the dates in advance) or an unplanned outage (the server or Matrix application temporarily fails).

If you are unable to access the manual log a call to the IT ServiceCentre with the subject being "Matrix: unable to open the YJ Community Practice manual" - you will not be alone. Most likely the intranet is also down. Cenitex will deal with this call as quickly as possible.